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Cookie Booth Basics

  • Find a location in Burlington
  • Decide, with adult leadership, on a date and time for your sale.
  • Reserve cookies and a cookie costume if you want one
  • Get it into the paper, on our website, on Burlington Patch. Advertise - Advertise - Advertise!
  • Arrange for pick up and returns. (You don’t have to do it yourself; find a parent volunteer!)
  • Arrange for money to be deposited. (Who is going to do that?)
  • Ask for volunteers, child and adult. Send out permission slips.
  • Set up schedule; there must be 2 adults present at all times. There are to be no children at cookie booths who are not registered Girl Scouts.
  • Collect permission slips (have them at the booth with you)
  • Train your girls - They sell the cookies -The adults are there as chaperones.
  • Pick up your cookies. The folks at the Cookie Cupboard will have paperwork for you and instruct you on everything you need to know. You need a photo id and you need to know your troop number when picking up cookies! Be sure to check Quickbase for days and times of operation at cookie cupboard.
  • Bring everything you need for your sale: table, table cloth, change, cash box, bags, etc. If you’re participating in Cookies for a Cause (you should; it’s a great thing to do and it will increase your sales), have the girls make a sign for that, too and decorate a large box.
  • Make sure you have phone numbers for everyone involved that day. You don’t have to bring a 1st aid kit, but bring a few band aids and tissues (noses run in the cold).
  • Be polite to employees of the sale site and customers.
  • Be prepared! If it’s going to be cold, be in contact with your troop regarding proper clothing choices. They should all wear uniforms and/or pins. Break down the first few cookie cases and use them to stand on; pretty good insulation from the cold cement.
  • At the end of the sale, please remember, “A Girl Scout leaves a place cleaner than she found it.”
  • Deposit the correct amount of money in the Council bank account. Cookies sell for $4.00 per box; you deposit $3.40 per box. The remainder is your troop’s profit.
  • If you sold out, mail paperwork to cookie cupboard ASAP. If you have returns, bring paperwork with you on or before the return date.