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Cookie Booth Lottery

General Information:

Because the most popular sites for the best cookie booths (our local grocery stores) only offer Girl Scouts a limited number of dates (typically 2-4 weekend days) per sale season the town hold a lottery so that all interested troops get a fair shot at securing one of these prized locations.    

The lottery is held at a Leaders Meeting (date to be announced in early fall) and at least one person from each participating troop needs to attend.  The rules are as follows, each troop gets one lottery ticket.   The troop who name gets call first gets their first choice of the available dates, the next troop get their choice of the remaining dates until all dates are filled.   2 - 3 alternates are also picked in case a troop can not meet the booth for one reason or another.  Alternate #1 gets right of first refusal.    Dates will be published at least a week before the lottery.

Note: this does NOT mean you can't have booths at other locations in town however you are not allowed to solicit the managers of stores whose locations are part of the lottery. 

The 2016-17 Cookie Booth Lottery will be held at the leaders meeting on ____TBD_____.  

Troops who wish to participate in the lottery need to have someone present at the meeting.  Booth dates/times will be posted here once secured by the Cookie Booth Coordinator.